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Application Process

Application deadline is March 15.

All doctoral applicants must submit a University of Florida Graduate Application and application fee to the UF Office of Admissions, along with transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.

Applications can be submitted electronically.

Applicants with prior UF Graduate School enrollment must submit a Readmission Application.

Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended are to be submitted to UF Office of Admissions.*

*UF students are not required to submit transcripts.

Factors and documents considered in determining congruence between a student’s goals and research focus and research areas and resources of the College include:

  • Three professional/academic references attesting to the applicant’s potential for doctoral studies.
  • An essay (double-spaced, 1500 word maximum, using current APA guidelines) describing the following:
    • Your academic expectations of the program
    • How earning a PhD will affect your future career
    • The experiences that you feel have best prepared you for doctoral study (e.g., clinical, educational, or leadership experiences)
    • A clinical problem or area in which you are interested in developing your dissertation research, and how that interest aligns with a College of Nursing faculty member’s research area
    • What the most difficult issues are that you anticipate while in the PhD program, and how you plan to handle them.
    • A curriculum vitae.

Students may request special review by the College of Nursing Admissions Committee if they believe they are strong candidates for doctoral study but do not fully meet these criteria.

Application deadline is March 15. (See below for more details)*

*Note: The March 15 deadline indicates the earliest date when the College will begin accepting students. After March 15, applications will be accepted until May 31st and students will be accepted on a space available basis.