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Application Process

The application for the Generic BSN program starting Fall 2015 will be available soon. Please check back for updates as they become available.

Applying to the College

Process for University of Florida Students

UF students who wish to enter the BSN program should declare themselves as nursing majors as early as possible in their UF career prior to 60 credits while completing all required UF admissions and College of Nursing pre-professional criteria. UF nursing majors are encouraged to contact the pre-nursing advisor for advising after completing 15 credit hours at UF. All non-nursing majors wishing to change their major to nursing must call the pre-nursing advisor for an appointment to review eligibility.

Nursing majors admitted to the College must complete general education and pre-professional requirements as freshmen and sophomores. Tracking standards for continuation are established for nursing majors, and continuing students are monitored by the college. Universal tracking audits that identify progress toward the degree are posted on ISIS at the end of each fall and spring semester. Critical tracking criteria are outlined in the UF Catalog.Students begin professional nursing studies in the fall semester of the junior year.

Process for Transfer Students

The baccalaureate program is a high demand, limited access program. Because of limited enrollment and large volume of applicants, many qualified transfer applicants are unable to be admitted to the College of Nursing upper division courses. Due to the competitive nature of admissions to the generic baccalaureate nursing program, we advise prospective applicants to seek admission to several other baccalaureate nursing programs. The College of Nursing Admissions Office is unable to provide any predictions as to the decisions made by the committee, nor to speculate on the likelihood of the acceptance or denial of any applicant.

Students wishing to transfer to the College of Nursing at the junior level from any other educational institution must apply to the University of Florida indicating nursing as their major. Students attending four-year colleges in Florida or out-of-state institutions must complete 60 semester hours, taking courses similar to those outlined in the Admission Criteria.

Admission evaluation factors include academic record, cumulative grade point average, performance in pre-professional courses, extent to which the applicant exceeds minimum requirement, relevant achievement or experiences and career goals.

Transfer students must submit a UF Undergraduate Application and application fee to the UF Office of Admissions, along with transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Application downloads and the UF Office of Admissions mailing address can be found at

The UF Undergraduate Catalog Transfer Admissions Information ยป